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Alleviate a Wide Range of Discomforts at Home with Acupressure

Soothe Troubling Physical and Emotional Conditions without Any Previous Experience

Physical Pain?.. Emotional Stress?.. Illness?

Are you troubled by physical pain, emotional stress or illness? Pain can be the result of illness, old or recent injury, or it can suddenly appear out of the blue.

Finding comfortable ways to treat pain and emotional stress can be extremely difficult.

Considering the negative side effects of medication, many people prefer not to take a handful of pills when they feel bad. Furthermore, medical treatments can be very expensive.

Get Natural Relief from Pain

Think about it, what do you do when you feel sudden pain? If you’re like me, you touch the spot where it hurts; you may even caress it. The most natural thing in the world is to place your hand on pain and rub the spot... that's acupressure.

Touch is the Most Natural Response to Discomfort and Pain
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So, What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the body. This is done for relief. Acupressure changes how the body feels and functions. After all, touch is one of our most natural responses to pain and discomfort.

While you can hire someone to perform acupressure on you, it can become quite expensive. Did you know though, that with just a little guidance, you could perform acupressure on yourself and relieve of all kinds of conditions?

Experience Healing Without Harm
Learn How to Use Acupressure at Home
  • Heal yourself and others using your own hands
  • Discover how to improve how you feel
  • Spend less money on medication
  • Save time on doctors
  • Enjoy zero side effects (unlike medication)


Why Practice Acupressure at Home?

“I Reduced My Headaches…”
"With the course, I could significantly reduce my headache. The points are easy to find using the videos. I am so happy to have the Course always on me, on my iPhone and iPad"

- Dr. Umin - Manager, Siemens (Germany)

It is something that I can use myself and with my family
"After completing the course, I found that I did have an understanding of how to do the Chinese Message. It is something that I can use myself and with my family.

The production of these videos was great and they were shot so that you could get a close up of the points that you need to have and it explained the information so that I could understand the way to do the different messages. "

- Betty Johnson

The video helped me to relieve my headaches
"Wow what an eye opener this course has been, as someone who actually has problems with migraine headache I can relate to how tremendously pleased I am about this course. The video has helped me to relieve my headaches. I am a visual learner so the video was useful to me in identifying the right pressure points. I must say in starting the 4 week treatment, in doing the pressure massage three times a day I can say I have seen a vast improvement in having less migraine to no migraine at all. Now my husband and even my immediate family wants to try this method."

- Donna Baker

Dr Bargak responded within a day
"This course presents many points for specific health issues, that can be easily seen listed. Dr Bargak also responded to a request for more information within a day."

- By Jove

Very comprehensive and highly informative
"The content is very comprehensive and highly informative. The instructor gave an incisive lecture and I learnt a lot."

- David Susan

Learn Acupressure for Yourself or to Help Others
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Acupressure Complements Western Medicine

Acupressure is a practice based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is highly effective in providing relief. There is no concern about acupressure contradicting Western medicine… it actually complements it.

“As a Medical Doctor, I Use Acupressure with Western Medicine to Treat the Whole Person”

I’m Dr. Jacob Bargak,

Fortunately, I discovered the benefits of Acupressure during my early years as a physician.

I was concerned about the side effects many medications had on patients, especially children and young adults. This led me on a search for alternative treatments.

When I discovered acupressure, I liked it immediately. My patients responded well to it and there were no side effects. Most of all, it allowed me to treat the whole person and not just the disease alone.  

You Too Can Learn Acupressure

Imagine how much better you would feel if you could relieve pain and stress immediately, whenever problems arise.

Once you understand the basics of acupressure, you will be able to practice it at home on yourself or others, to relieve a wide range of troubling physical and emotional conditions.

Headaches, back pain, allergies, stomach ailments, and reduced sexual response are just a handful of conditions that can be treated effectively using acupressure. You will learn which pressure points relate to specific conditions you wish to treat.

Learn Acupressure Quickly and Efficiently

Video tutorials are the perfect way to learn acupressure. You can both see and hear the important principles being taught.


Experience True Relief
with Acupressure


Learn Acupressure from Dr. Bargak

Get a well-rounded introduction to acupressure with 106 clear, instructional videos  
  • Learn at your own pace whether accelerated or little-by-little
  • Discover where acupressure points lie within the human body
  • Learn how to apply pressure to relieve the condition(s) you wish to treat
  • Watch and learn how to massage pressure points
  • Practice self-healing through acupressure

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What Will You Learn?

Acupressure for Healing includes videos that guide you step-by-step. Learn how to get relief from the following health conditions and more:  
  • Migraines
  • Eye Strain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pain from sitting too long
  • Pollen Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Muscle Spasms

$95 for this comprehensive, video tutorial package is a deal that just can’t be beat. You will get a whopping, 106 instructional videos at this extremely low, introductory price. Furthermore, there is no risk.

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I would like to make access to my exclusive acupressure courses as risk free as possible for you. So, here's what I'm willing to do. If you are not fully satisfied with all that you learn in this 106-video course, just let me know. Contact me within 30 days and Ill give you your money back... no questions asked.

You have probably noticed, acupressure is being incorporated more and more into all facets of Western life. That's because it provides gentle yet powerful healing. It has a positive impact on both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Bottom line, I don’t want you to continue to suffer in pain and discomfort... and I'm sure you don’t want to continue to spend a fortune on medicines that have negative side effects.

Acupressure provides the healing and relief you need, with no negative side effects. This means you have nothing to lose. Gain Exclusive Access to Acupressure for Healing Now

Jacob Bargak, MD, PhD, Neurologist, Acupressurist

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